Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sunday, July 12


After a big night at the Hard Rock, I slept in and enjoyed a quiet morning. It was a beautiful sunny day so I walked along the river for about 15 minutes until I reached the Tate Modern. The exterior of this fabulous museum doesn't begin to indicate what treasures are contained inside. Located in a former utility station the Tate Modern has sweeping spaces for exhibitions of all types. One enters the amazingly large Turbine Room with its slanting floor (favored by kiddos running up and down it) and enormous ceiling. It was interesting to see treasures from the Tate Britain hanging in this new (to me, at least) dynamic space.

After a few hours of gazing at artwork and sculptures by Monet, Pollack, Giacometti, and Warhol, I headed to the 7th floor for lunch. The views were lovely as was my delicious lunch.

Returned to the dorm for some quiet time, reading and class preparation. We had been warned that the dorms would conduct a test of the fire alarm each Wednesday afternoon. When the fire alarm began to blare around 8 p.m., we knew that this was not a test. Everyone scurried out to the Courtyard and visited with each other while the local fire brigade came and put out whatever was on fire in one of the dorms. It was a nice evening to be out for everyone but the poor girls who arrived clad only their towels having been routed out of the shower!

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