Friday, 14 August 2009

Monday, August 3

View from our Paris hotel room

It was time to leave Paris so we packed our bags and prepared to head out of town. We had just enough time for one more quick trip to Bon Marche to look around and then pick up some of their scrumptious macaroons for the trip home. This store is a mecca for shoppers, and I especially loved their shoe department. It was a disappointment, then, when the shoes that I requested to try on just "could not be found". The salesman gave that famous Gallic shrug and suggested that I come back later to purchase them! Since we were on a tight schedule, that was not to be. A quick lunch, then a cab to Gare de Nord to board the Eurostar for London.

The train ride was wonderful and restfully quiet. We had a table for 4 which we utilized for the delicious lunch service. The French influence was evident in our meals of salmon and pasta which resembled fine dining much more than typical train or airplane food.

Our trip to the St. Pancras/Kings Cross stations would not have been complete without a visit to Platform 9 3/4. It was easy to find since there was a line of other Harry Potter fans ready to give the luggage trolley a push into the wall. We took some photos and headed back to the dorm.

We settled into Stamford Street. My daughters and Shelby were newly ensconced in their rooms across the Courtyard from mine. Later we met Jessica and Christina for a nice dinner along the river at Giraffe.

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