Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wednesday, July 29

Woke up early this morning to board British Airways to take me back to London. The flight was quick and easy and I was delighted to arrive back at Stamford Street. My daughters and their godmother had arrived the day before and had decamped at The Mad Hatter Hotel located at the other end of Stamford close to the Blackfriar's Bridge.

After a happy reunion, we strolled down to the Queen's Walk for lunch. There were loads of performers on the street like this funny guy in the dog crate. He would sing and bark along to a song when folks tossed money into his dog bowl. There was a guy moon walking to Michael Jackson music, several human statues, a guy dressed like a chameleon on a bike, plus more.

We walked along the river until we crossed the bridge at Westminster. We passed by the Houses of Parliament and strolled along the other side of the river until we reached the Tate. It was a treat to be back in this lovely museum. We strolled through the galleries admiring the works of Stubbs, Gainsborough, the Pre-raphaelites, Constable and Turner.

Our day ended with a nice dinner at the Wagamama noodle bar close to the river, then back to the Mad Hatter. We packed up in preparation for our trip on the Eurostar to Paris the next morning.

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